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12th Annual Running For Life 10K Trail Run - Saturday, June 20, 2020
Running For Life10K
Looking forward to 2021

Running For Life 
10K Winter Challenge
December 23, 2017

Thank you to our Sponsors
Razaghi Health Care
Sage Memorial Hospital
- participant t-shirts

Navajo Agricultural Products Industries (NAPI)
- Food bags: potatoes and pinto beans

Bluebird Flour, Cortez Milling Co.
- 5lb. bags of Bluebird Flour

JMT New Creations, St. Michaels, AZ
John & Juana McIntosh
- participant T-shirt design & printing
Happy Holidays
Traditional Navajo teaching:
To be Thankful for whatever
weather Mother Earth provides.
If there is snow, bathe yourself, cleanse and awaken your senses.
If there are cold temps, breath deep, fill your lungs, and smell the earth.
For today,
 has been chosen for you.
open your arms, 
open your heart, 
open your mind.
Enjoy your stride.

Smile, sing, yell, dance,
embrace your journey.

May all your journey's be blessed 
Elaina Vann
Thank you for making the Running For Life Winter Challenge 10k Trail Run a success!!

Staging Area - Start and Finish Line
Emerson & Geneva Curley

Turkey & Ham Donations
* Apache County District II -
Alton Joe Shepherd & Staff
*Steamboat Chapter
*Marcella Yazzie
*Evonne Yazzie
*Effie Curley
*Mora's Incorporated - Joann Mora
*Ray Curley & Rachel Martinez
*Teri Kelwood & Family
* Mary Ella & Kee Bitsuie
*Mike Bitsuie
*Leandra Thomas
*Claudia Jackson
*Valencia Franklin & Family
*Ernest & Juanita Cleveland
*John Culrey, Jr.

Fleece Neck Cuffs
*Elaina Vann
*Effie Curley
* Marcella Yazzie

Wood - Wood Stoves
Emerson Curley
Larry Curley
Robert Curley

Support with Bluebird Flour
Harlan & Carol Tahy
Evonne Yazzie 
 (928) 349-0249

Elaina Vann
(928) 205-5264

John Curley, Jr. 
(505) 567-8681

The predicted weather for December 23, 2017 is:

Trending highs for the day: 
in the mid 50's.

Possible Sunshine 
with some clouds, winds picking up.

The 1st day of Winter. 
The shortest day of the year.
Support Crew

Course & Staging Crew
Emerson Curley, John Curley, Ray Curley, Tyson Curley, Kyle Curley, Kent Curley

Evonne Yazzie, Elaina Vann

Lead Bike
John Curley, Jr.

Water Stations
*Mile 2: Jonicia Curley, Felisha Sanchez
*Lookout Cafe: Martina Taliman, Tyniah Begay, Stephan Dale, Ethan Dale, Nathan Dale
*Yellow Pond: Jonathan Dan, Melanie Yazzie, DeMarcus Bitsuie
*Standing Rock Coffee: Larry Curley, Lionel Curley, Shelby Curley, Dakota Curley

Michael Bitsuie, Amber James, Robert Curley, Reshawn Begay, Kyle Curley, Valencia Franklin, Shada Golden, Kee Bitsuie, Fred Shirley

Finish Line
Timers: Tyson Curley, Sheryl Hosteen, Stephanie Curley
Tag Puller: Shaun Martin
Gift Presenters: Evonne Yazzie, Melissa Yellowhair, Amber James

Race Pictures
Melanie Yazzie, Tyniah Begay

Elaina Vann

Replenish Meal Prep / Cooks / Support
Marcella Yazzie, Geneva Curley, Rachel Martinez, Maurice Yazzie, Nelrita Franklin, Marlene Dale, Anthony Joe, Emerson Curley

Errands & Go Get'm Support
Shaythan Benally & Friends

ATV Support
CJ Franklin, Duane Yazzie, Evonne Yazzie

Heat Elements
Emerson Curley, Duane Yazzie, Larry Curley

Course Safety & EMT Services
Ganado Fire Department
Rory James, Alfred John

A footrace of 6.2 miles on a scenic trail.
Whatever the weather: 
cold temps, 
strong chilling winds,
 freezing temps, 
exercising continues.
Happy Holidays

The run will take place near Steamboat, AZ 
off of Highway 264, 
Mile post 434. 
(8 miles East of Steamboat Store 
8 miles West of Burnside Round-About - 13 miles West of Ganado).

Using the 6.2 mile trail from the Father's Day 10K Trail run. 6.2 miles
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

2017 Winter Challenge 10K Results