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10th Annual Running For Life 10K Trail Run - Saturday, June 16, 2018
We look forward to seeing you then!
Running For Life10K
Race Time 7:30 a.m. DST
Thank you for making this run a success!!!!

"Running For Life 10K"

The event was originally established by John Curley, Jr. and Elaina Vann with the intention to give back to the community through health. From the beginning, family members have supported this run and given their utmost to provide a wonderful health experience to community members and fellow health seekers: runners, joggers, and walkers. Since the run has evolved, family members have been blessed to greet returning relatives, new faces, and along the way participate in running events. This sets a new tone to the meaning of "Running for Life". 

John, an avid runner, has been running since a young age. This was an expectation set forth by his father. In November 2006, John's father passed on, leaving a tradition imbedded in his son. In honor and memory of the late John Curley, Sr. and with the support of his wife Effie T. Curley, the 10K Run has been set to take place annually on the weekend of "Father's Day".                                                                                                                       Running, a breath taking journey - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, has been set forth as a way of life but also a way of healing. The theme and message - "life is precious". Through the years, individuals have shared personal stories of how exercise has healed and made changes to their life or loved one's lives. 

We would like to say "Thank you" to all those individuals who continue to teach and live the traditional Dine' philosophy.  
With this being our 10th Annual, it has been an honor
 to have 2 wonderful supportive sponsors. 

       Sage Memorial Hospital / Razaghi Health Foundation


                              Tsehootsooi Medical Center

We wanted to celebrate everyone's dedicated participation to our run
 through the years and offer this event as a "giving back" year. 
Due to our sponsors patronage and dedication to health
 we were able to do so.
 We graciously are thankful for their support in supplying 
the commemorative t-shirts.

The success of our runs over the years has been due to the support from family members, friends, and community members - all coming home to make things happen for all participants. We couldn't have accomplished what we have hank individuals who donated prizes, race equipment, food, time, and supported in making this event special.

​Emerson and Geneva Curley and Family - Race Staging Site

REFRESHMENTS: Navajo Agricultural Products Industry and Steamboat Chapter

Run Flagstaff: 204-A E. Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ  (928) 774-2990 (Vince and Sarah Sherry) (Gift Certificates - 2 Pairs of Running Shoes - Male/Female)

2 Mountain Bikes - Alton Joe Shepherd (Apache County)

Propane Grill - Robin Pete

Propane Grill - Lynette Lookingback

Mountain Bike (Female) - Leandra Thomas

Mountain Bike (Male) / Necklace (oldest Male) - Herbert Yazzie

2 Mountain Bikes - Claudia Jackson

2 Canopies, Tool Set, Chair with Canopy top - Jeff Joe and Karla Kayonnie

Tool Set / Water - Melanie Yazzie / Jonathan Dan

2 Tents / Camping chairs - Bonnie Curley / Audrey Curley

2 Burner Stove - Evonne Yazzie

2 Burner Stove, 2 Fishing Poles, Beach chair/umbrella - Elaina Vann / John Curley

Silver Bead Necklace (Oldest Female) - Regina Akee

Small Mountain Bike - Youngest Runner (Female) - Ray Curley & Rachel Martinez

Small Mountain Bike - Youngest Runner (Male)- Marlene Dale & Anthony Joe

Race Refreshments - Blue Mush / Yellow Cornmeal - Marcella Yazzie / Evonne Yazzie

Shaun and Melissa Martin & Family (Race Set-up/Support Crew)

​GANADO Fire Department, Ganado, AZ

CJ and Nelrita Franklin - Atv's

I loved 
reaching the finish line.
It was the adventure along the way that captured my soul. 
 I was reminded 
that a journey 
shared with family and friends creates memories for a lifetime!!!
-author unknown-