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12th Annual Running For Life 10K Trail Run - Saturday, June 20, 2020
Running For Life10K
Looking forward to 2021

10K Trail - Some say it is a Spiritual Journey 
 A view of "What the... hill"  from the top.

About 1.35 miles into the trail. Turned off of graded road and headed over the hill to the dam.
About 1.45 - dam location. Usually dry during the month of June.
Just left the dam area and now headed towards the white rocks. Where the wind has carved the rocks. Then you will run parallel to the white rocks and watch them change from white to red.
Entering the Wash - Beginning the climb.
Passed through the first and second steps of hills. 2.30 into the trail.
Looking out over mile 2.
First steep hill. Yeego!!!  You Can Do It!!!
up, uP, UP!!!!!
Approaching Yeego Hill.
Off to the West of the Trail - White Sandstone rocks shimmer and glitter at first sunlight and look like a city of gold.
Mile 3 and your on your way!!!!
Sandstone Towers "Talking Rocks" stand tall and proud deep in the canyon of Curley Pines.
Approaching the ridge of the canyon. Almost to the top.
After the yellow pond down the steep drop.
Working your way through mile 4.
Standing Rock. Its all down hill from here.
The Journey

The journey begins with blessings of strength, sure footedness, and an idea.

your mood, your wants, your needs, 
your desires, your troubles, 
as your feet meet mother earth
 your heart pounds and your lungs fill 
- your wings take flight. 

Your body - for some:
full of energy, 
feeling the excitement, 
feeling the weariness, 
feeling the struggle,
keeps going. 

Each step and each mile 
is a healing 
and an accomplishment. 

Thus, when you descend from your climb, you feel as you have nothing left 
but somewhere along the way, 
the realization comes to know that 
"the journey is almost over" 
and the accomplishment 
of the 6.2 miles fills you with pride.

Embrace the day!!!!